We are a creative collective whose sole purpose is to disrupt

the local film industry, to be game changers on a global level.

And we’re fair dinkum about it.

Versatile, flexible and nimble in mindset

Our award winning professional creatives

use the latest equipment and methodologies

to create breathtaking story based narratives

for a decidedly international audience.

Sydney Film Company

benefits from its founding members

being the main writing and story

underpins every project.

Their passion and expertise

underpins every project.

Sydney, Australia.

A truly World-Class metropolis.

We think it’s criminal that it has not been showcased in the manner it deserves.

So that’s exactly what we intend to change.

Gotta love this City

In all its wonderful beauty and chaos.

Scott Sylva and Christopher Villamar met while studying film in Sydney.

They shared similar ideals and worked together on many projects with other

like minded creative souls. They decided to focus on their shared love of writing

and that led them to see working together on a professional level made nothing but sense…