Sydney Film Company is a small company committed to making compelling contemporary stories utilising film and other visual media as our main communication vehicles

  • We don’t want to use a lot of fluff
  • We don’t want to make a lot of CGI
  • We just want to do things that feel, sound and look organic


Sydney film company is interested in all facets of visually creative media. We especially specialise in the writing and crafting of stories for all screens. We are admittedly a little bit traditional and we do love the larger format of feature films. We currently are working on four different feature projects, two short films and two TV series.


Video: the final frontier.
Notice how many videos are on your devices theses days. They are on news sites. Auction sites. Shopping sites. They are everywhere. There is a reason for that. They work. Corporate videos are a specialty; we can help you convey what you need to convey, and can work with you to get you what you want, within your needs. Get in touch and see what we can offer you, your brand or your product.


We love photos.
We love taking them, editing them and enhancing them. If it is for a wedding or a product shot or an event launch or for any special circumstance or event.
We are happy to discuss.

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